Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise
Doe-eyed, black haired, husky-voiced Poornima, surrounded by an aura of musk. Who could resist her? If Liese had been India born and bred she would’ve seen through the re-bonded hair. But Liese believed a bimbo like Poornima was harmless.


The Broadsheet Story for August 2011 is Sweet Surprise by Rumjhum Biswas. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

Mama at 21

Mama at 21

Just when I reconcile myself to the fact that my mama is dead and gone and I myself am one foot closer to the grave, there she is again. Her pretty young face splashed all over the centre section of the Sunday paper and Elvis Presley kissing her like there is no tomorrow. No wonder she looks happy.


The Broadsheet Story for July 2011 is Mama at 21 by Sara Kay Rupnik. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

The Memory Box

The Memory Box

This morning he peered in and had a good look around, the way he always did, but he didn’t see me. Perhaps he can’t actually see me any more. It’s possible he doesn’t want to. I can’t tell, and he’s not giving much away.



The Broadsheet Story for June 2011 is The Memory Box by Nick Churchill. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski


I feel a great lurch of recognition that is so welcome, it is almost like love and I have to hold on to the railings. Avrahami is there across the road – large as life, and he sees me looking at him but he doesn’t smile.


The Broadsheet Story for May 2011 is One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski, by Clare Kirwan. For copyright reasons it cannot be downloaded as a pdf file, but you can read it in the web-based fiction magazine On The Premises.

Clare Kirwan is a performance poet who has contribted to a number of anthologies, including The Dead Good Poets Society: The Book and Funny Poems for Christmas. She is co-editor of the topical poetry blog Poetry24.

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski was first published by On the Premises.

The Dead Good Poets Society: The Book Funny Poems for Christmas

The Summerhouse

The SummerhouseEvery spring, servants came to set up the summerhouse for the season, and every fall servants were the last to leave after preparing it for the winter. By then the owners had already returned to the city with their memories of summer. The house huddled up, shutters on windows, everything locked and secured for the rule of snow. Only the crows kept it company during the fleeting winter days when the sun appeared over the southern horizon for a few pale hours.

The Broadsheet Story for April 2011 is The Summerhouse by Heikki Hietala. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy. The Summerhouse was first published by Year Zero Writers.

Heikki Hietala’s novel Tulagi Hotel is published by Dragon Independent International Arts.

Tulagi Hotel

A Train Incident

A Train Incident


Joe jumped up, leaned over to help the man to his feet. He looked down into a confused, surprised black face. A hot dog and bun smeared over coarse features, thick glasses askew, a look of serene incomprehension.


The Broadsheet Story for March 2011 is A Train Incident by Matthew Licht. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

Matthew Licht’s collection of short stories The Moose Show is published by Salt Publishing (ISBN 978-1844713028).

The Moose Show

The Fly Trap

The Fly Trap


Eventually, as the fairy dried, she stirred. I could see her light returning and as I watched she raised herself on one arm, pushed her tiny hand through her long hair and sat up. I said, getting down to the real business: “Do you grant wishes?”


The February Broadsheet Story is The Fly Trap by Jenny Antell. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

Sausage Egg and Chips

Sausage Egg and Chips Joni rubs her eyes and flecks of black mascara peel from her lashes and smear her fingers. The kettle comes to the boil, steam condensing in teardrops on the cream gloss wall above. She pours hissing water over a teabag in a mug with World’s Best Mum printed on it while she strings out a bone-weary yawn. She lets the tea brew, gets a pack of cigarettes from her handbag and lights one up from the gas ring on the stove. She inhales and immediately coughs.


The Broadsheet Story for January 2011 is Sausage Egg and Chips by Trevor Maytum. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

My Name is Odd

My Name is Odd
I am the child in the middle and my name is Odd. It’s good to be in the middle sometimes. My older sister breaks new ground. She was the one who argued for us to have pocket money. She was the one who fought for us to watch Dr Who. Left’s all right sometimes. My younger brother is a star; he has lots of friends. Right’s popular at school and I’m almost famous for being his sister. So that’s good too.


The December Broadsheet Story is My Name is Odd by Gail Aldwin. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.



Stephen Clarke was twice the man I’ll ever be. I didn’t know him well. I spoke to him most days – I worked for him after all. I had a pint with him occasionally. I fancied his wife, of course. But I didn’t really know him. So it was a bit of a surprise when I was invited to his funeral.


The July Broadsheet Story is Alternative by Martin Cooper.

Martin Cooper’s novel Cold Hillside and his short story collection Dandelion Sky are available as ebooks.

Cold Hillside