Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise
Doe-eyed, black haired, husky-voiced Poornima, surrounded by an aura of musk. Who could resist her? If Liese had been India born and bred she would’ve seen through the re-bonded hair. But Liese believed a bimbo like Poornima was harmless.


The Broadsheet Story for August 2011 is Sweet Surprise by Rumjhum Biswas. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski


I feel a great lurch of recognition that is so welcome, it is almost like love and I have to hold on to the railings. Avrahami is there across the road – large as life, and he sees me looking at him but he doesn’t smile.


The Broadsheet Story for May 2011 is One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski, by Clare Kirwan. For copyright reasons it cannot be downloaded as a pdf file, but you can read it in the web-based fiction magazine On The Premises.

Clare Kirwan is a performance poet who has contribted to a number of anthologies, including The Dead Good Poets Society: The Book and Funny Poems for Christmas. She is co-editor of the topical poetry blog Poetry24.

One Last Encounter with Avrahami Semititski was first published by On the Premises.

The Dead Good Poets Society: The Book Funny Poems for Christmas

The Summerhouse

The SummerhouseEvery spring, servants came to set up the summerhouse for the season, and every fall servants were the last to leave after preparing it for the winter. By then the owners had already returned to the city with their memories of summer. The house huddled up, shutters on windows, everything locked and secured for the rule of snow. Only the crows kept it company during the fleeting winter days when the sun appeared over the southern horizon for a few pale hours.

The Broadsheet Story for April 2011 is The Summerhouse by Heikki Hietala. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy. The Summerhouse was first published by Year Zero Writers.

Heikki Hietala’s novel Tulagi Hotel is published by Dragon Independent International Arts.

Tulagi Hotel


They were on the first floor, where ladies’ lingerie argued for space with bedroom furniture and luggage. All manner of underwear, stocked up for all manner of exigencies: the voyeur’s stingy black, the idealist’s sufficiently floral, the boudoir’s generous red and the mammoth fleshy knickers of the disaffected.


The October Broadsheet Story is Lovedieshere by Siobhan Evans. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.



Stephen Clarke was twice the man I’ll ever be. I didn’t know him well. I spoke to him most days – I worked for him after all. I had a pint with him occasionally. I fancied his wife, of course. But I didn’t really know him. So it was a bit of a surprise when I was invited to his funeral.


The July Broadsheet Story is Alternative by Martin Cooper.

Martin Cooper’s novel Cold Hillside and his short story collection Dandelion Sky are available as ebooks.

Cold Hillside


There were CCTV cameras on the gates, but they were watching for fly-tippers, not intruders. They recorded the ribbed surface of the concrete access road and the bindweed that swarmed up the wire fences separating trading estate lots.


The June Broadsheet Story is Dump by Martin Cooper.

That Celeb Smile

That Celeb SmileI never took any pictures of him, but I know exactly how I would have done it. He had long, wiry hair, very dark with here and there a startling silver strand. I would have stopped right down for the shallow depth of field and focused on a tangle of it, with the pores of the forehead behind. A hint of grey stubble, spark of something in the eye, all on the same plane; tip of the nose in front and ear ring further back, both beginning to blur. Black and white would have been good. Slowish film, with the prints blown up big enough to show the grain.

The May Broadsheet Story is That Celeb Smile by Martin Cooper.

Lines of Desire

Lines of Desire   “Hunt and peck still. Why don’t you learn to type properly?”
   “Can’t. Neural pathways too well worn.” Dan jabbed at the full stop. “I tried a couple of times but the fingers didn’t want to know. Anyway, I’m pretty quick like this.”
   “No you’re not. You think you are because you’re hitting lots of keys, but you’ve had to go back and make six corrections in the last four lines. I want the section title in bold, sub-headings in italics.”

The March Broadsheet Story is Lines of Desire by Martin Cooper.

Suffer a Witch

Suffer a Witch
Oh, that thick accent of hers. It was eastern European with some Yiddish thrown in, and I was mortified for her. This was a neighbourhood of barbecues and baseball, of red-cheeked blond children who believed they’d grow up to be astronauts. Never mind that all our grandparents had changed their names from Goldstein to Gordon, from Szpilman to Smith. We were Americans.

The February Broadsheet Story is Suffer a Witch by Lauri Shaw.

Lauri Shaw is a contributor to the anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys published by Soft Skull Press (ISBN 978-1593762414). Her novel Servicing the Pole can be found on her website laurishaw.com.

Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys
Suffer a Witch is not available for download.

Memory House

Memory House
They built the house, planned the gardens, mapped out the valley, sitting side by side in her basement bed with a bottle of wine or a pot of coffee. It was never finished. Sometimes they would add an entire wing, complete with bathrooms and Victorian plumbing, only to tear it down again the following weekend.


The Broadsheet Story for October is Memory House by Martin Cooper.