I Love You Crazy

I Love You Crazy


So I’m lying in bed and suddenly I find that I’m thinking about you which I haven’t done for I don’t know how long but I’m remembering how you used to love it when I slept naked just like I’m doing right now.


The Broadsheet Story for August/September is I Love You Crazy by Naomi Alderman.

Naomi Alderman’s first novel Disobedience (ISBN 978-0141025957) won the Orange Award for New Writers in 2006. In 2007 she was named Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year. Her second novel The Lessons is published by Penguin Viking (ISBN 978-0670916290).

Disobedience   The Lessons
I Love You Crazy is not available for download, but you can visit The Winter House, a short story/film/website created by by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph. Naomi Alderman is also lead writer for the alternate reality game Perplex City.

Meanwhile… Pandora

Meanwhile... Pandora
There are two children. They stand close together. The girl is taller and has her hand on the boy’s shoulder. She ties his shoe laces and reminds him to wash his hands before meals, Jonathan can tell that from the way they hold themselves.



The November Broadsheet Story is Meanwhile… Pandora by Martin Cooper.