Sausage Egg and Chips

Sausage Egg and Chips Joni rubs her eyes and flecks of black mascara peel from her lashes and smear her fingers. The kettle comes to the boil, steam condensing in teardrops on the cream gloss wall above. She pours hissing water over a teabag in a mug with World’s Best Mum printed on it while she strings out a bone-weary yawn. She lets the tea brew, gets a pack of cigarettes from her handbag and lights one up from the gas ring on the stove. She inhales and immediately coughs.


The Broadsheet Story for January 2011 is Sausage Egg and Chips by Trevor Maytum. Click on the thumbnail image to download a pdf copy.

I Love You Crazy

I Love You Crazy


So I’m lying in bed and suddenly I find that I’m thinking about you which I haven’t done for I don’t know how long but I’m remembering how you used to love it when I slept naked just like I’m doing right now.


The Broadsheet Story for August/September is I Love You Crazy by Naomi Alderman.

Naomi Alderman’s first novel Disobedience (ISBN 978-0141025957) won the Orange Award for New Writers in 2006. In 2007 she was named Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year. Her second novel The Lessons is published by Penguin Viking (ISBN 978-0670916290).

Disobedience   The Lessons
I Love You Crazy is not available for download, but you can visit The Winter House, a short story/film/website created by by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph. Naomi Alderman is also lead writer for the alternate reality game Perplex City.

After Hours – the Banned Broadsheet

After Hours 
In the smoky corner of an after-hours joint, I clutch my paper cup of Jack and Coke and watch it grow soggy in my hand. Clarissa, a girl I know from Angels, is dancing by herself next to the chair I’ve sank into. She rocks her hips to the heavy bass of the same techno songs we hear at work. The room is cloudy with cigarette and marijuana smoke.


After Hours by Lauri Shaw was intended to be the Broadsheet Story for October 2009, but the venue owners felt that it was too adult to be left on cafe tables so it was never distributed. Still a good story, though. Click on the thumbnail image and see for yourself.

Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys
Lauri Shaw is a contributor to the anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys published by Soft Skull Press (ISBN 978-1593762414). Her novel Servicing the Pole can be found on her website

The Holy End

The Holy End
Giles did not take offence easily, and if someone did happen to annoy him, he raised his eyebrows and cut them dead afterwards. He did not forgive them, and if the opportunity arose he would cheat them with a smile, but he did not go out of his way to persecute them either. There was no profit in it.


The August Broadsheet Story is The Holy End by Martin Cooper.