Publishing double for Trilby Kent

Trilby Kent (author of the September 2009 Broadsteet Stealing their Churches Behind Them) has two new books out this month.

Stones for my Father


Stones for My Father is published by Tundra Books (ISBN 978-1770492523). It is her second children’s novel, set against the harsh backdrop of laager and internment camp in South Africa during the Boer War.


Smoke Portrait

Smoke Portrait is Trilby Kent’s first novel for adults, published by Alma Books (ISBN 978-1846881299). Set in 1936, it describes an unlikely friendship between a Belgian teenager, Marten Kuypers, and Glen Phayre, an English woman in her twenties. Glen has left England to live with her aunt, who runs a tea plantation in Ceylon. She fills her days with good works, among them the task of writing letters to a Belgian prisoner. But the letters go astray, and are received instead by Marten, eager to discover the world outside his village.



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