Lines of Desire

Lines of Desire   “Hunt and peck still. Why don’t you learn to type properly?”
   “Can’t. Neural pathways too well worn.” Dan jabbed at the full stop. “I tried a couple of times but the fingers didn’t want to know. Anyway, I’m pretty quick like this.”
   “No you’re not. You think you are because you’re hitting lots of keys, but you’ve had to go back and make six corrections in the last four lines. I want the section title in bold, sub-headings in italics.”

The March Broadsheet Story is Lines of Desire by Martin Cooper.


One Response to Lines of Desire

  1. alexandrafixghetie says:

    Tempting line : “Off to turn the bodies.” I’d like to steal it and use it on family and friends. Then when they ask: “Where is this from?” I’ll say “Broadsheet Stories, don’t you know them?” And so on. Keeping the short story alive!

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